Life on a Narrow Boat – Removing the Rose Tinted Glasses

It’s time for a dose of honesty, I’m not sure whether it’s me being a tired grouch (Apparently months of 0400am alarms do that to you), the fact that human hibernation isn’t socially acceptable, that all I can see out of the window today is greyness or that I have to be an adult and sit at my desk on a Monday morning. Whatever the cause I’m feeling the need to be brutally honest, and today it’s boating that’s going to take the hit.

I drip feed endless blogs on my love for Boat life, the joys, how much better it is to a run of the mill home. But today I’m going to change that, I’m going to blog about the things that annoy me a little bit.

I suppose having spent the time with Fantine that we have now we are at a point of noticing these things, but would I change it for anything? Absolutely not! But in the interest of the honest, BBC approach I like to have to this blog, it’s only fair that I do this.

The slob rota – So this may sound a little silly, but pre-boat we had a lovely large corner sofa. However a living space which is 6ft wide kind of limits the practicality of certain items, that is unless you want to be clambering over things constantly. We have a lovely little sofa and an arm chair now, but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days (Particularly sleepy Sunday afternoons) where I didn’t wish we still had the luxury of both being able to be sofa sloths on the same sofa at the same time. How do we overcome this? We take it in turns of course (I moan at James until he gives up).


A lottle mess – I may of covered this before, but we all have them, those evenings where you get in late from work, make yourself a quick dinner and stick two fingers up to the pile of washing up, telling it it can wait until tomorrow. Boat life kind of limits that. You see in the smaller space a little bit of mess seems like a lot, lottle see what I did there!? Whether that’s your dinner dishes, laundry waiting to be ironed, or the stuffing guts of the latest dog toy the pooches have decided they no longer like.


Spiders – Honestly spiders don’t bother me too much, granted I had mused with James whether you would still get them on the water. How silly of me, Fantine is like the Spiders version of the M25 at 1700 on a Friday. Like where the hell do these little terrors come from!? Daily I walk through webs, and scoop up these 8 legged home invaders and relocate them to a land based home.


Water roulette – I’ve joked previously how my Friday evenings used to be about Shots and drinking games, now we play a drinking game of an entirely different kind … Water Tank Roulette.  Sounds fun? Wrong it’s hideous. It involves us praying each time we turn on a tap that we won’t get air bubbles halfway through, as the water pump groans at the lack of water it has to draw from. Wrestling a hose pipe to fill up your water tank 100% not fun.


I just want a bath – Yes I am clean, whilst we have a shower and a bath on board it seems silly to use these when we can use the ones at the Marina, or wherever we happen to be, plus the amount of water required for the bath would involve a pretty much full water tank of fluid and a life time of heating, and where would be the fun in making water roulette a shorter and more predictable game?


I apologise whole heartedly for the contents of this blog, and would like to assure all readers that almost all of the complaints are a direct relation to my current sleepy state, which gives me a longing to slob out and be toasty.

James & A Grumpy Kirsty

3 thoughts on “Life on a Narrow Boat – Removing the Rose Tinted Glasses

    1. Thanks Matt, we’re fairly new to the Boating World, someone on our Twitter mentioned the water level indicators tempted to check them out … but then what would we do with our Friday evenings haha 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Relax more whilst discovering the virtues of uninteresting times? You’re right this is far more fun 😜


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