What do you get for Boaty Folk? – Narrowboat Gifts

With Christmas and Birthdays fast approaching we know it’s a question we are going to be asked more and more. Whilst we have been continually surprised by the amount of space we actually have on the boat, and the amount of it which goes unused, we don’t have the room or the desire for much ‘stuff’.


Prior to life aboard I was very vocal about my fledgling hoarding habit, so my wish lists always consisted of stuff lots of stuff. Now boat life has snuck in and changed my way of thinking, having minimal stuff is wonderful, and I would very much like to remain that way.

Not only has our (my) attitude to ‘stuff’ changed, the opinions of those around you change to, a lot of people imagine a cramped and tiny space where you have no room for anything, what can we possibly get them!?

Well my lovely lot, my Nan came to visit Fantine Towers for the first time yesterday, and got us the most wonderfully beautiful gift I’ve ever seen. Thoughtful, pretty and something we have the space for, woohoo! So if you’re stuck for something to get the boaty folk in your life, or need inspiration of what to put on your wish list, these, just these!



Tell me these aren’t the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen, I cannot stop stroking them!

James & Kirsty

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