I was Wrong! – Life on a Narrowboat

I’m going to start off this blog post with a shocking confession, I was wrong. I said it on the 13th September 2017 I confessed that I was in fact wrong.


You see in a previous blog post I mentioned how wonderful it is aboard Fantine, and how much closer to nature you feel, from the waking up to the tip tap of the rain in the mornings and of course the glorious sunshine throughout the summer. I raved about how fantastic it was and how you feel in tune with the changes of the weather, I mean who did I think I was flaming Pocohontas?


I discovered and decided I had to admit my lies, this morning. After getting a grand total of 3 hours 17 minutes sleep (Damn Fitbit!) thanks to the constant gusts of Storm Aileen. Throughout the night the wind howled and you could feel our little vessel being thrown about the water, as I hid under the duvet chanting there’s no place like home, with my little Cairn Terrier at my side.

I take it all back, being close to nature and the seasons can be really rather rubbish, whilst I shouldn’t moan about my loss of sleep given all the devastation over the past few weeks, I am merely stating I was wrong, and making you all aware should you wish to be on a canal boat during a storm, wear ear plugs.

A rather sleepy James and Kirsty

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