Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change – We’re pretty clever as it goes!

I feel as though I may of wrote about this before, so for any of you who remember it or are sick of hearing it I apologise. But on Monday evening whilst James and I were making the bed, with fresh crisp bedding, ready for the week back at work, it struck me, isn’t it incredible how quickly we adapt?

Our boating adventure only begun at the start of December, when the idea was first floated (Hideous pun I apologise). Yet we now find ourselves at the back end of August living the narrow boat dream.

In nine short months we have gone from a three bedroom house, scoffing at the idea of Living Narrow, to the reality of calling this our home away from home. The strangest part of it all? Well it doesn’t even feel strange. In fact as we spent those five minutes fighting a fitted sheet I had to remind myself we were on a boat at all.


It got me thinking how quickly our lives adapt. Only last week we met someone who we hadn’t seen since before Christmas, when the idea was just that. It was nice and made me a tad smug to meet someone who hadn’t asked every imaginable question yet, happy to boast that yes, this crazy idea we had had turned out for the best!

It is a home a wonderful, quirky floating home, but it’s only when you get woken up by comedy duck (A local duck with a belly laugh for a quack who I’ve affectionately renamed), you hear the splash of the dog jumping in the water, or a particularly windy day which has you spilling your tea, that you actually realise, it is thankfully still a floating home.


Doesn’t it just go to show you how wonderfully we can adapt when we want to and without becoming too hippy and spiritual doesn’t it question what we actually truly need, Mr Hawkings or Mr Einstein (Whoever it really came from) I’m with you, how truly wonderful is our ability to adapt.

James & Kirsty



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