A Week Off Cruising the Cut, Or Not!

We are both now bleary eyed zombies, back at our desks after a wonderful week off. With my frantic googling of  ‘How to become an overnight millionaire’ and ‘How to win the lottery’ providing little help I thought I would steal myself away and write you lovely lot a blog! (Sorry it’s been so long!)



So we had the week off, whilst I would love to report that we followed through on our promises and spent each day cruising the cut up to Foxton, it would be a complete and utter fabrication. Instead we did very very little with our seven days of freedom.

Why? I hear you all shout, you have a beautiful vessel and mile upon mile of wonderful canals on your doorstep, in total honesty we were exhausted. The summer is a busy time for us both, alongside our full time jobs we spend most weekends working our motorsport related weekend jobs all the name of earning a living (Boooo).


Whilst being out on the canals is beautiful and relaxing, at the same time it requires a lot of concentration and worry, namely as we are novice boaters. We completely understand the only way to overcome this is to spend more time out there. However having walked the towpath in the weeks leading up to the blessed week off our ordinarily quiet stretch of waterway was filled to the brim with a stampede of hire boats. Waking up to a drizzly and cold Monday morning the decision was made. We were staying put and investing our time in some much needed R&R.

How boring I know! But as I say this is something which we 100% needed. Perhaps when the waterways are a little quieter we will cruise the eerily quiet canals and build up our confidence and know how!

But rest assured oh-boaty-folk we still partook in some very boaty past times! We appreciate you will all of been on the edge of your seats since our last adventure, when we lost our chimney hat to the evil canal shrubbery Our First Narrowboat adventure – lessons learnt.  So with our week off we decided to visit the Midland Chandlers to finally replace our missing chimney hat.

LR Keith Moore @ Midland Chandlers

The Chandlers was like boaty folk heaven, and whilst James wandered off in search of some key for something or other, I played with the fancy ovens and folding kettles, and genuinely could not of felt or appeared less boaty if I tried.

This day was a day of pure boatyness! Following our successful trip to the Chandlers we decided these intrepid explorers needed some sustenance “To the pub” James cried. Being the boaty folk we are we did the least boaty thing imaginable and went to a pub alongside the canal, and sat and watched along with the other gongoozlers commenting on peoples lock navigating techniques. (Yes we are the worst kind of people).


Now the sun has come out it’s time to return to the office and crack on with some work (Seriously Google, your results on how to become a millionaire are below par).

James and Kirsty



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