Family Expansion – Welcome Beans

The Tuck-Woods have expanded! Blog World welcome Beans the Miniature Shetland.


Yes he is beyond gorgeous and has an attitude to match, but if you are like anyone else I have told so far, you’ll be sat there shouting at your reading device … But where will you keep him?!

My response … Have you seen the price of diesel? He’s going to be put to work tugging Fantine!

Seriously, I’ve found a wonderful yard not too far away, which is friendly and relaxed and offers everything the little man needs. Along with lots of loving staff who are willing to help out when I’m away with work or at home.

The second question everyone asks … Why? You already moan about how busy you are. Well if I haven’t mentioned before James has a real passion for driving around in endless circles, he calls it motorsport, which means he’s away a lot of weekends, and a lot of evenings are spent tinkering with cars. So Beans is a hobby for me, and yet another critter to shower with love, who in their right mind doesn’t have room in the lives and hearts for that!


So sorry if you don’t hear from me much over the coming weeks! I’m busy being all horsey whatever that means!

James and Kirsty

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