Life on the canals – Scenery to make your heart skip

It truly is a wonderful World we get to live in (When you forget all the bad things and focus on the good things at least!), but let’s stay positive here folks! I wrote previously on how I worried about the way I portray the lifestyle we have chosen on social media and the impact it has on those who see it, Instagram vs Reality – Should we worry about what we show online?.

However last week I woke up to a morning that made me entirely forget these worries. We’re lucky to be blessed with stunning scenery and wildlife on a daily basis with the boat, but this morning in particular was one of those which truly took your breath away.

My job sees me up and out before 0600am, which often means I get the pleasure of waking up with the sun, and the beauty and hideousness this can bring!

This morning in particularly was certainly special, with the sun just rising above the hills in the distance, casting red beams of light over them, the clouds dispersing creating an almost electric effect and feel on the water. And in that moment I wasn’t worried about showing a  positive account of boat life, I realised we are amongst the luckiest people alive, having the opportunity to wake up with this each morning, to call this a doorstep, enjoy!


James & Kirsty

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