Instagram vs Reality – Should we worry about what we show online?

An amazing almost social experiment video seems to be doing the rounds at the minute on you guessed it … social media. It looks to challenge what we see through our phone screens and the true reality of what went into each shot, along with the impact this has on those around us.


If you’re interested give it a watch here. Likewise I read an article recently of a woman who tasked herself to show the reality of her life on her Instagram, no polished and thought about squares of her life, read it here. Now for anyone who follows me on Instagram you will notice that life post Fantine has become a massive boast fest, of Boats and Swans. Much the same for anyone who watches the video it got me to thinking, am I doing this, am I portraying a glamourised boat lifestyle on social media?


Granted I am guilty of taking a couple of selfies till I get the one I like … but that’s modern human nature right? I mean I do not want to see my 0400am face, let alone would I subject other people to that. But am I making the lifestyle seem something which it is not? I don’t think so?

Ok ok so I am not taking photo’s of me gleefully sorting out the toilet cassette … why? I do not want to relive any of my cassette emptying experiences thank you very much. Nor am I snapping away as I trip over a dog, or have to clean out the stove.

But am I presenting a none realistic view of boat life?


Looking at the three most recent boat related snaps, you can see they focus on Swans, Beer and Boats. Did I take 50 swan photo’s that day? Yes! But was it to find the most Instagram worthy shot? No not really, it was because I cherish their daily visits and when they are grumpy teenagers bringing their first girlfriend home I want to embarrass them with their ugly duckling shots.

Do I drink beer on the boat sat in the sunshine after a long day at work … hell yes! Do the dogs love boat life and look absolutely adorable when they stand out on the boat being nosy … absolutely.

But should I worry about the life I present online and what impact this has on other people? What if they fall in love with the daily Swan Watch updates and pine desperately for a swan family of their own to coo over? What if after a long day at work they get home to their house with the north facing garden and pull on a puffa jacket as they crack open a beer to relax outside with, and long to sit out in the sun, with a beer, with the trickling of marina life surrounding them? What if they want their own mis-matched dogs standing watch on the front of their own beautiful boat.

What if my seemingly innocent daily updates cause the people around me to long for a different life? Should I make more of an effort to show the less glamorous side of boat life? The dust? The Being woken up at 0300am by fish swimming into the side of your boat? The general day to day chores of life?

No I don’t think I should, and for anyone who sees my posts and gets a longing feeling I have taken great time to think up a three step achievement guide for you.

  1. Buy a god damn boat.
  2. Buy two dogs, and some beer, enjoy them on the boat.
  3. Read my guide to be-friending swans and get to work. How to Befriend Swans – A step by step guide

But in reality, don’t be feeling like you are not achieving because someone else has posted something on Instagram. Don’t feel like because someone else is out you should be too and blah de blah, set your own goals, do your own thing.

That is of course unless you are hankering to buy a boat, which is something you should absolutely definitely do.

James & Kirsty


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