Living on a Narrowboat – What goes glug in the night!

Tranquility, peace, idyllic, quiet, all words which spring to mind when people consider a life aboard a narrowboat. Ideas which are 90% founded on truth. However, following my experience last night, it’s time to consider that other 10%. Boats are blumin noisy, and a lot of the time noisy with unidentified, terrifying, are we sinking noises.  Case in point, last night.

James and I are away a lot, and often on different nights, meaning a lot of evenings are me and the puppy dogs. Wonderful, you may think, face mask on, nails painted and hideous but wonderful reality TV on all night, and it often is, that is right up until lights out.

It’s like Fantine knows you are alone and it’s dark and then, and only then, will she emit the equivalent of a boat bottom burp. A huge and terrifying glug which has you shooting out of bed, moving the dogs to higher ground and running round in a mad flap for buckets.


As yet all of these noises have seemed to be nothing, nothing other than Fantine having a giggle it would seem! Boats are strange and noisy creatures!

James & Kirsty


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