Where do all of your clothes go on a narrowboat?

In the words of Queen Bey herself This one goes out to all the women. At dinner last week we were being asked the standard questions about boat life, how long do you see yourself staying, how do you cook, do you have a toilet etc etc etc. When the girls of the table got down to the nitty gritty with a chorus of ‘I couldn’t do it, I have too many clothes’. Well ladies lets address it.


I am a girls girls and a reformed clothes hoarder. I’m not going to pretend for one minute you have all the space on the Boat that we did in a three bed semi. Something had to change. Prior to the transition on board I had a huge clear out of my clothes hoard, which amounted to three wardrobes and a loft filled with clothes filled suitcases.

So how do you tackle this change in space? I got real! To start with you have to be serious, do I really need this top I brought 3 years ago which still has the tags on? Probably not! I sorted through and found things to handover to my sister, things to sell and exchange through clothes sharing apps like Vinted and items to donate to local charity shops.

636177025877202615-924900486_micket packing

I decided to follow a capsule wardrobe format for my main wardrobe, so no more than 35 items of core clothing for each season. On top of this I had an allocation for gym gear, dog walking gear, uniform and general boat clothes (Ball Gowns and Tiaras of course!). Sound terrifying? Well it was, but as I got through it, it became all the less terrifying and all the more satisfying.

How does it work in practicality? Well currently my wardrobe is stuffed with wonderful summer items, and under the bed are neatly labelled vacuum packs filled with different categories of clothes; winter, spring, going out, coats, you get the idea.

It works beautifully and allows you to make the most of the space you have. Whats more as the season comes to an end it encourages you to evaluate the items of clothing you have, you don’t have the space to throw it all up the loft to hopefully be remembered next year. So you only keep pieces which you can imagine getting more use from. Which leaves you more room to buy new bits and pieces.


Whilst it may be hard to imagine there is actually something very nice about not having to fight the narnia of winter coats to try and find a summery top you think is in this wardrobe somewhere.

So to all of the boys out there if you have carried on reading this far pats on the backs all round, I am sure the above has been of great use and interest to you. To all of the ladies I hope that answers any concerns.

James and Kirsty


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