Narrow Boats are the Worst

I love boat life, honestly I struggle to find anything to criticize, and when people say how long do you think you will keep the boat … well honestly forever. It provides everything we want from life, and that I think is a pretty awesome position to be in.

this is the best

However rewind a couple of days and I take it all back, I got hit with the mother of all tummy bugs, leaving me vomiting throughout the night, and trying desperately to catch up on sleep the next day.

Want to know what’s worse than a tummy bug? A tummy bug on a boat. I had finally gotten over my second bout of motion sickness and was settling back into normality. However feeling slightly poorly is only magnified in this situation. Every rock felt like a tsunami level wave, at one point I seriously considered catching 40 winks in my car.

this is the worst

I was not a pretty sight or a happy boater.

It would be safe to say that had someone approached me that day with the wonderful how are you finding the boat question, I would of happily told them I never wish to see a boat again, once I had finished vomiting on them at least.

My friends it is not fun, I eventually managed a wonderful nap (Taking me back to the glorious uni days) and got over my dramatic ‘The world is ending’ moans, the sun came out and I finished recovering on the pontoon, in the sunshine, with the dogs and array of bird visitors, peace was restored and I remembered just how wonderful boats are.

James & Kirsty


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