You Sir Take the Originality Award – Living on A Narrow Boat Questions

Deciding to live narrow does get you a lot of side eyed glances and questioning, which I cover a lot in these blogs. You hear these questions A LOT making you wish you had a recorded answer book for every one. Today however I got hit with a question I have never encountered before, which woke me from the yes we spend a great deal of time on a boat glazed eye response I was giving.

“How often have you hit your head then?”


I’m sorry what the hell did you just say!? How often do I hit my head, I nearly hit my head in confusion at the question. Turns out this wasn’t the opening of a terrible chat up line (My favourite kind!), but a genuine enquiry.

How often do I hit my head! I guess the question goes to show how little some people know of the world on water. Visualising only the space you can see and failing to realise Narrowboats are very much the icebergs of the canals.

Rest assured all ponderers there is plenty of head room, our giant friend, who comes in at 6ft5 had no problem on the boat at all. So you can consider it a hobbit free zone.

giphy (2)

So how did I answer? As soon as I got over being asked an entirely original if not very bizarre question, I of course told the truth … once.

Yes I have hit my head once, in spectacular and painful fashion when the top board for the cratch had been fitted, I forgot about it’s existence entirely, and hit my head on it when exiting the boat, and yes it hurt, but I styled it out like a pro.

However, bravo to this man for your originality, and for waking me up from the stock responses!

James and Kirsty

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