The Difficulty of House Boats – The Evil Beast Returns

Whilst I already covered the lessons we learnt from our first leisure outing I have something further to add. At this point I would like to welcome on stage for a never requested encore … my motion sickness.


Excellent! We had a truly fabulous weekend, spirits were high and then like a thud Monday hit, and with it my motion sickness came into play. When we first started or Narrow Living journey I wrote a blog covering my struggles with this awful beast. Land Sick / Sea Sick / Motion Sick – My Plight.

Luckily after a couple of weeks it all subsided, but now it’s back! We can only imagine it’s due to the additional time spent aboard over the weekend, when ordinarily we would of been out running errands I was sat on the roof of the boat … drinking.


Whilst it does seem a little milder than before I find myself sat at my desk at work feeling increasingly woozier. I’m hoping that again it’s something that will naturally subside in a few days, and praying that eventually I will overcome this ridiculous predicament, until then you’ll find me adopting my puppy dog eyes and begging for sympathy!

James and a Woozy Kirsty


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