What do people do on days off? – Narrowboat Cruising Part One

This past weekend was a serious novelty in the TuckWood household, we had a weekend off … in summer … a whole two days without work.


Alongside our full time weekday jobs we also work most weekends with some kind of motor industry related job, of which the summer is the busiest time. Somehow the planning gods aligned this weekend and we were blessed with a whole 48 hours without a jot of work. Woohoo right?

Wrong! We are absolutely shocking at doing things with days off. With often only having one day a week off, if we are lucky, time quickly gets stolen by the chores which have to be completed. This weekend however I was a woman on a mission, determined that we would make something of this unusual time off. I spent my week researching and batting ideas around to little avail.


Saturday morning having had a glorious lie in (Reaching the dizzying heights of 0900am, oh how I grieve my University lay in abilities), showered and dressed for the day it would be a fair assessment to say I was getting ever so slightly stroppy at the prospect of just shrugging at one another and saying ‘well what do you want to do today’. When James came to the rescue.

‘Shall we go boating?’ he said.

‘But you said the weather was too rubbish for that this weekend?’ I replied.

‘It looks like it’ll be ok now’ James exclaimed.

‘Eeeeeeeep’ I said, as I danced excitedly on the spot.

Then in set my panic, as excited as I was at the thought of this impromptu trip out I began to worry about, well everything. Did we have enough water in the tank? Will we need to fill up on diesel before we go? What if we get lost? I’ve just had my nails done, will they survive? What do I need to do!?


James reassured my woes and little over an hour later we untied from our mooring for the first time, and set sail. More to follow on our first escapade on the open waters!

James & Kirsty

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