Looking Sweet – Our Cratch

I mentioned before that we were looking to renovate the Cratch to make it more of a usable space, and not the dumping ground it was becoming. I use we as the Royal We, James’ involvement was bringing the parcels home!

So this is how the Cratch was looking last week. It was giving me a headache quite frankly. I had visions of us getting an additional room when we had the Cratch installed, another space to spread out into and enjoy. Not fill with cardboard boxes of wood and scatter with smelly shoes.


I had a plan! I wanted storage that would double up as seating, cute lighting, cushions and flooring. So for a £70.00 spend this is what we ended up with.


Carol Smiley eat your heart out my love! This is Changing Rooms times ten. Firstly it’s blooming hard to photograph a Cratch, I tried two million different angles to try and achieve something that actually showed what was going on and finally settled on this one. Let’s take you through what we (I, all me) did.

The glorious Seat Bench seat benchIn the long term we are hoping to have something which is more built in, and sweeps round the edges of the cratch, but as a short term fix I love the Seat Bench, it has three storage drawers one drawer each for our shoes and one for some essential fire equipment storage. (Yes you read right one drawer is now enough for my shoe collection!).

Let there be light!

I’m a sucker for a fairy light, but a novelty fairly light even more so! We didn’t really want much of a boat theme throughout the boat, it’s our home not a novelty (Although the odd touch here and there never hurts!). But with the cratch having a slight boating/nautical feel seemed suitable. So I took to the internet and found beach hut fairy lights! Whilst you can’t see them in the picture they are attached down the centre Cratch Board. In addition to this a warm glowing rope light runs round all the sills and edges of the boat, not any rope light, fancy rope lights with a remote and timer!

Comfort is key 

Seat Pad

I’m a sucker for soft furnishings, so far we have brought (Duck themed) seat pads for the bench, but soft furnishings can’t be rushed. I plan to find more cushions and throws to make it a comfortable space year round!

So what’s left? Well I still like the idea of changing the flooring, we currently have artificial grass in the Cratch, which doesn’t feel as right now it’s an indoor/outdoor space. I was originally looking at decking tiles, but thinking about them more I’m not sure I would want to loose any of the height in there, whilst they may only be an inch or so we can currently just about stand up in there and I would hate to loose that, so flooring may require a little more thought.

Whilst it may be over 30 degrees at the minute I’m still thinking about wonderful stove fires, and more importantly how to store all the bits and pieces required. Some other kind of storage unit to keep logs or kindling would be great, so I’m on the lookout.

Whilst the cratch will always be the place the boots get kicked off and where clothes or dogs are left to dry, it’s great that now, once this is all cleared away, we have a lovely outside/inside space.

James & Kirsty


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