Hello … it’s me

We’re sorry, we realise we don’t talk as much anymore, it’s not you it’s us. Honestly, I’ve sat down for the last two weeks desperate to write a couple of blog posts ready to share the latest Narrow Living thoughts and escapades with you all, but each time my mind has just come to a block.

writers block

You see Fantine feels 100% like home now, and when there isn’t renovations taking place or adventures being had we are just simply living, and she is just simply home. Sit down and try to write blog posts about your day to day life in a house … exactly! So apologies that things have gotten quieter our end recently.

don't forget me

I mean I could update you all on the lovely meal I made last night, or my kick ass cross stitch but it’s not really what you come and read our posts for!


There are likely to be developments over the next week or so, we are looking to kit out our cratch! So will be sure to fill you all on that, and with close to 3 months under our belt we will fill you all in with a budget/spending update.

Until then, try not to miss us too much, and don’t worry, we’re just busy, living and loving life on the water.

James & Kirsty

i'll be back


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