Owning a Narrow Boat is Awful – Rainy days, the truth

A couple of weeks ago I let you in on the Truth of how awful it is to own a Narrow Boat in the gorgeous sunny weather we experienced for the majority of last month. Now I will talk you through the horrors of owning a Narrow Boat on miserable, grey, rainy days … which now seem to be mainly found in June!


So you’ve battled your way 20 yards from your car parking spot and into the safety of your vessel. To find two shivering puppies. What now? Well you have to spend a good five minutes making your prayers and sacrifices to the fire gods, as you careful load up your stove with layer after layer of paper, kindling, coal and logs.


You then have to endure the agony of putting the kettle on, making a cup of tea, seeing your fire begin to roar (Yes we seem to of mastered that now).


Your cup of tea is then rudely interrupted by the sudden build up of sweat, the realistion it’s getting a little warm in here. Oh my god it’s June and I was stooopid enough to think it’s cold enough for the fire. Open all doors and windows urgently. Strip off all extra clothing layers. Cover the dogs in wet blankets.


So as I say living aboard a boat in the grey drizzle of June is terrible. You have to sit there in your shorts and a t-shirt, watching the mesmerising flames of a the stove, listening to the rain tapping against the window with a soft breeze coming through all the doors you have had to open. It’s awful! Nearly as awful as owning a Narrow Boat in the beautiful sunny weather Owning a Narrowboat is Awful – Narrowboat Sunny Days, the Truth.


James & Kirsty


*Disclaimer – Whilst the people featured in this blog are all real, some of the comments in have been scripted purely for your entertainment*


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