Cratch Update – Narrowboat Cratch

Nothing says happy Friday like a Cratch update! We have a cratch!!!!! I got home from work last night to find a lovely fitted cratch giving what feels like tonnes of extra space. And it’s so pretty too! (Yes I am trying to see how many times I can fit the word Cratch into this blog!)


In previously blogs we have covered the reasons for deciding on a getting a cratch fitted, but mainly it’s the versatility of this which was a no brainer for us. We now have an additional room where muddy shoes can live, dirty dogs can be toweled off and all important heat generation tools can be stored!

I was a little worried that the addition of this would limit the light that we get into the boat, one of the things which first drew me to Fantine was how light she is. However, despite the grey drizzle yesterday had to offer, inside still felt light and airy. So would you like to see?



We are in love, now we need to get on and find some benches for this front area, we want them to double as storage for said shoes, dog accessories and fire making essentials, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

We still have the cover for the back and side hatch to go so we’ll be sure to update when we have them!

James and Kirsty

(Actually out of 242 words only managed 8 Cratch references! Must try harder!)

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