The best thing about not living in a house?

I don’t know whether you have noticed but I am ever so slightly smug about our decision to start Living Narrow. If you have failed to notice and you would quite like to waste some time (Most probably at work) reading more of my smug musings you might like to take a look at these: The Pros and Cons of Living on a Narrow Boat The Beauty of Narrow Living – Warning contains graphic boasting.


Since beginning Living Narrow we get asked quite a lot what we miss about a house, which is met with a lot of ummming and shrugging shoulders. But then driving home earlier this week I came to a massive realisation of the one thing I miss less than ANYTHING else.

It was a sunny day and I was excited to get back and open a nicely chilled fruit infused alcoholic beverage and sit out on the deck in the sunshine. On my approach down to the Marina is when the thought hit me.

Look at all that perfectly mown grass, surrounding the bowl of the Marina, all pretty and uniformed … and holy crap I didn’t have to mow it!


The chore I hated more than anything else when in the house was mowing the grass, what a tedious and mind numbing exercise. I couldn’t get the beautiful Wembley style lines, that James made look effortless, in fact the closest I got was the line of lumped up grass I left behind the mower with each battled run. I’d have to fight the dogs off the mower, which they decided was their mortal enemy who they must attack or wee on at all costs. I’d be fighting with the cord cause I remember being told once you really shouldn’t mow over it. And end up 45 minutes later with all exposed skin and light fabrics dyed a luminous green, the dogs cowering in the corner and the grass looking even worse than before, at this point I would also come to the saddening realisation that the sun had now left our little patch of grass and I should probably retreat inside, to the warm.

So now when people ask what is it you miss about a house, I can tell them with 100% conviction what a don’t … Mowing! Back to that smug face.


James & Kirsty

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