Crick Boat Show – What to expect?

If you happen to be anywhere around the Crick area of the Leicester arm of the Grand Union you may of failed to of noticed that the Crick Boat show is taking place at the end of the month. Joking, we think you would be walking round with your eyes shut to miss it! Whether it’s the passive aggressive signs littering the towpath from the CRT or the talk of every pub within a 10 mile radius, the Boat show is upon us, and we were wondering whether or not to go!

Our weekend is already chock-o-block with us working away at Silverstone on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this only leaves us with the Monday to go. This presents a problem as there are several options open for that Monday.

  1. Going on a leisurely cruise.
  2. Visit the Crick Boat Show – It’s a possibility, unless it’s raining.
  3. Catch up on sleep, watch rubbish movies and stay snug on the boat.

Let’s look at the options.

Going on a leisurely cruise. 

Unfortunately on the last bank holiday we didn’t get out to cruise, our thoughts were that we could do that on this Bank Holiday Monday instead. The we remembered it’s the Crick Boat Show so the chances are the canals surrounding us will be utter chaos, less leisurely cruise more stressful ‘please don’t crash into their nicely polished boats’ worry.

I think the revelation of this has ruled this one out for us as a possible bank holiday option. Boooo!


Visit the Crick Boat Show. 

Crick Marina is only about a mile down the towpath, so we could go on a stroll down the canal and take a look, the website says dogs are allowed so the girls could come with us. But we honestly have no idea what to expect from the show, having looked online there isn’t a great amount of detail on what goes on.

I did see they have an arts and crafts exhibition section which appeals to me quite a lot, and a brownie stand … a stand selling brownies … enough said really. Crick-Boat-Show

Be Lazy.

It’s a bank holiday, the weather is bound to be hideous, we have been at work all week, the draw of camping out on the boat, making a duvet fort and eating all the bad things is very very alluring. Who can argue with junk food and sleep really!?


With two weeks to go until the show we do have time to decide, I can’t help but think this will come down to the day itself, and a decision on how tired we are and how nice the weather is! Recommendations on the Boat Show people?

James & Kirsty

One thought on “Crick Boat Show – What to expect?

  1. We went once but before we bought our first boat and it just made us more excited about getting one. Would I go now? No, unless you particularly like walking round stalls or want to look at new boats then I don’t think it’s worth it. There’s nothing revolutionary there that you can find online and going to an Historic boat rally is much more interesting than looking at new builds than you could never afford. What you should really do is get out on your boat, get used to being on the water with other boats, it won’t be that busy and it will be good experience. Don’t make excuses not to go boating, that’s what they are for 😊 X


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