How to Befriend Swans – A step by step guide

For those of you who follow us on Twitter you will already be well aware of my mission to befriend the Marina swans. Having seemingly proved successful I thought I would take the opportunity to pass on this Swan befriending knowledge.

You can become friends with a Swan family in three simple steps. To follow this guide you will need the following:

  • Swan friendly food – I choose Peas
  • A hungry swan
  1. Enticing your Swan – In order to be successful you first need a willing Swan participant, there are currently two swans in the marina (And now their adorable 5 signets). To first get the swans attention I tried frantically waving, and shouting ‘No come this way I have food’, seemed to work well.

  2. Feed Me – Once you have the attention of your desired Swan friend you need to make all that effort spent gliding on over to you worth their while. I did this by dishing out plenty of Swan friendly food, I chose peas, you need plenty, Swans are hungry and you want enough to befriend them over a couple of weeks.

  3. Eat, Sleep, Feed Swans, Repeat – In order to befriend a Swan you need to repeat this process multiple times. Our Swan friends are like clock-work, every night around 7pm when I sit out with a cup of tea they come by and hiss at me till I feed them. Should I be a little late (Trying to locate another bottle of gin .. I mean waiting for the kettle to boil) a hungry Swan Face will appear at the boat windows to death stare you until you provide food.

    Feed me

Should you be successful in steps 1-3 you should have yourself a pretty regular Swan friend. Who is happy to bob in the water next to you whilst you have your evening cuppa (cough cough gin), with you providing the occasional handful of tasty tasty peas. Should you be very good at this art you may even be blessed with said Swans bringing their babies to meet you. Cuteness overload and all for the price of six tonnes of peas and 4 weeks of work!

Good luck swan lovers.

The original Swan whisperers – James & Kirsty

2 thoughts on “How to Befriend Swans – A step by step guide

  1. I will be honest… when i googled, “can i become friends with a swan,” i came across this. And im 100% sure this kind of effort was precisely what i was searching for. I am quite nervous. Seeing as though my swan friend is big as F***. Heh. But from day 1, swan was alone! I became interested in the creature, since i love all the beings of cuteness and coolness. Ive friended a couple of unique/new breed duck families this year and some huge softshell turtles as well! And omg, the babies ARE THE BEST PART. no doubt.
    Back to the swan… lol.
    I mentioned said swan to my dad(has vast uselesss knowledge),after walking past it, the same place, for a week.
    I was saddened that it lacked a mate. So i asked my dad, “Is it normal for a swan to be alone ALL the time?”
    He said, “No, They’ve always got a mate & They mate for life.”
    I was over joyed at the concept(Since monogamy is so impossible to find these days🙄)
    it still hasnt told me how the affair/death/loss of its swan mate unfolded, but nonetheless, it makes sense to enjoy the company for… however long!?
    Unknowing how i should befriend it, i found yall..And now i do! Thanks so much, I greatly enjoyed this. I may substitute gin for jack, but its all in good nature.


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