How to name a Narrow Boat

Let’s talk names, how do you even go about naming your Narrow Home? See unlike houses (where people just look a bit wannabe posh by giving them names) your narrow home kind of needs a name. But how do you even start to decide what this might be?

James and I have no problem at all with Fantine’s name (Except for struggling with how to say it properly). Pete, one of her previous owners named her Fantine after the main character in his favourite musical Les Mis, which is so lovely. We’ve been thinking that when the time comes and Fantine needs repainting (Hoping a couple of years to go yet) we are toying with the idea of changing her name.

hello my name is

Which poses the question how do you even go about choosing what matters to you enough to name your boat after!  I mean we love eggy bread on a Sunday morning, but that’s hardly appropriate as a boat name. Being the quick witted and creative individual I am I instantly suggested ‘Wet Dream’ James was less than impressed, to be fair it probably wouldn’t go down well with many people! But still brings a smile to my face every time I think of it. Likewise James’ suggestion to name the boat after himself hardly brought me out in an ear to ear grin!


Of course we could open this up to public vote … but then chances are we would end up with BoatyMcBoatFace or something of the like! So we thought we would pose the question to you all, if you have gone through changing the name of your boat what did you decide upon and how did you come to that decision? If you don’t own a boat but would like to what would be your perfect boat name? Inspire us people!

James & Kirsty




2 thoughts on “How to name a Narrow Boat

  1. Our first boat was called ‘Alternative Therapy’ which we thought was a bit naff but on our maiden voyage bringing her back over the Leeds Liverpool canal we had so many comments from other boaters and walkers who would literally shout ‘love the name!!’ That at the end of two weeks we just thought that was her name. She is still called that now with the new owners 😁


    1. That’s a lovely name! So apt, we are not sure if we even will change the name, she’s Fantine to us now, at least we have a few years to think about it. We have no idea how we could ever fix on just one name! 🙂

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