The Beauty of Narrow Living – Warning contains graphic boasting

Can you believe we are approaching a month since we took Fantine on her first voyage with us at the helm? Neither can we! Between sorting out the rented property, work commitments, racing, bank holidays away and family visits the weeks have really zoomed past us.

We’ve settled in so well now, to a point where it 100% feels right, to be completely honest we forget most times that we are even on a boat (Safe to say my land sickness has subsided).


Whilst our previous post Narrow Living – Making a life aboard covered how comfortable everything is aboard Fantine, we wanted to give you an insight on the beauty of Narrow Living, particularly for you none boaters. Yes basically this our chance to show off how beautiful the lifestyle is and the areas you find yourself in.

We previously covered how Narrow Living encourages you to get out in the great outdoors, more. We always thought we were quite outdoorsy, but Fantine has tripled that, whether it’s an early morning run, a massive evening dog trek or just sitting out on the deck watching the wonderful world go by.

It’s truly beautiful, we have been over the top showing off the beauty to any poor soul who happens to follow us on social media … So what better than a whole blog post dedicated to showing off how we are the luckiest and potentially smuggest people in the world!

So where to begin?


I mean really Ducklings … right outside the door … yeah we kicked it all off with our trump card.

FullSizeRender (2)

Would you just look at the colours! This alone makes a 0500am commute one million percent worth it.

This swan comes to see me every evening while I drink my cup of tea, sits a while bobbing next to me, watching the world go by, then swims off … yeah that’s heaven right there.

We previously mentioned how you are brought so much closer to the world outside, noticing weather changes and the subtle things you tend to miss when residing in bricks and mortar. I mean just look at the stunningly dramatic skies over Yelvertoft this week.


These little guys were so intrigued by the girls and me on our walk last night … look like they are posing for their next album cover.

Did we mention this is all on the doorstep? And do you want to know the best bit … yes better than ducklings! … I don’t have to touch a mower, break out the smug happy dance!


Whilst we love showing off our new way of life to anyone who will look, you equally feel like guarding it, like a precious stone, not letting anyone else know it’s here so you can keep it all to yourself. Ok so maybe the luckiest, smuggest and most selfish people right now!

James and Kirsty

PS If you like seeing all of this beauty, follow us on Twitter where we bother the internet with pictures of our lives all the time @Living_Narrow

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