To Cruise or Not to Cruise? – That’s the question

I read somewhere (Sorry can’t remember where for reference) that the number of Narrow Boats cruising the Inland Waterways on Bank Holidays triples … TRIPLES! It has to be said that over the Easter Weekend we noticed a considerable fall in the number of boats at the Marina.


So with that in mind James and I were wondering whether to chug out for a little cruise ourselves. Unfortunately with James away at a race meeting on Saturday and me away with work on Sunday, we are only left with the potential for a cruise on Monday.

My preferred plan is to leave the safety of the Marina and head down to The Moorings pub at Crick, for an obligatory bank holiday Gin (Or four) and then chug on back home. Sounds wonderful right? Well given it’s a Bank Holiday I imagine the pub will look very similar to picture above. So lets consider the pros and cons of this potential Bank Holiday plan:


  • We will get out on Fantine, cover a wonderful one and three quarter miles of lock free blissful waterways.
  • Part way through there will be a Gin stop.
  • GIN
  • PUB
  • GIN


  • There are two obstacles to overcome.
  • One – Getting Fantine out of the Marina.
  • Two – Getting Fantine back into the Marina.

So what we have here is a dilemma. On the one hand we have the promise of Gin, on the other hand we need to navigate the teeniest, tinniest gaps to get Fantine out and back into the Marina again. Please see the below images which will help you to understand our predicament:



So the question is to cruise or not to cruise? I guess we will see what the rest of the weekend brings us and make a call from there!

James & Kirsty


3 thoughts on “To Cruise or Not to Cruise? – That’s the question

  1. Hi Kirsty and James. I found your blog today and have really enjoyed it. In fact I have been sat on my own narrowboat in Whilton marina (we are buying a new to us boat, should be getting it next week) all afternoon reading it. We started our narrowboat life a year ago and a lot of what you describe sounds like our first days. I’m so pleased that you know who owned your boat in the past. We met the previous owner of our boat when we took it over. He showed us how things worked which was so helpful. It’s always windy in marinas but you get used to it. Don’t worry about going out on the cut, if there is GIN, then go. You will get used to the boat and the mooring up, I promise. I will keep an eye out for you when we are out on the cut. Linda x


    1. Hi Linda, Thank you so much for you comment, glad you are enjoying the blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s so exciting, we were going to write a blog on how everyone says your second boat is your perfect boat, is that how it feels for you? Good luck with her ๐Ÿ™‚ James & Kirsty x


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