How to stay warm on a narrowboat – The first on board snow

It snowed yesterday …. it’s nearly May … But there is also about to be a Bank Holiday so the snow is only to be expected to be fair! In light of this freaky weather I am sure you were all worried sick about how we survived considering our Fire Box/Heat Producing issues Narrowboat Stove – What kind of witchcraft is this?


We just couldn’t get the little Hobbit to pump out any heat, yes yes we had all the gear and no idea. Since our last post on this James seems to of worked some witchcraft on the fire making box which has beat it into submission, and as such for the last few nights we have been consistently getting lovely lovely warmth.

Therefore you can picture the scene, getting home from work yesterday, with the blowing wind and sleet, James away for the night, the pressure was on, for me to create a super heat generating fire that would prevent the girls and I from frosting over.

So I got my fire Jenga game on, building up the fire, with kindling, paper, logs, coal and firelighters (At one point I considered sacrificing a ring to the little Hobbit in the hope of appeasing it).


So drum roll please by jove she did it! I created warmth making fire, and embracing my inner Gollum I didn’t have to sacrifice my precious engagement ring to get that! I made fire that actually kept the Girls and me warm all night. Although you wouldn’t guess it from the picture below where Heidi is full on sat on the stove!



It would seem we have cracked this making heat malarkey going forward please refer to us as the Warmth Lords.



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