Cratch Developments – Who Put That There?

As you dedicated readers will know, we hadn’t even spent a night on Fantine before we decided to plan a boat extension Narrow Boat Extension – Cratch Time. It just seemed to make sense to us, providing us with a closed in area for storage, shoes and the cleaning of muddy paws!

FullSizeRender (3)

So anyway we got in touch with the wonderful Karl at KC covers, who duly came to measure us up. Now there have been developments, upon returning to Fantine on Friday night after a couple of evenings away with work, I was excited to be back aboard, hot footing it down the marina, hopping aboard the boat and THUD … that’s the noise of my forehead making contact with a whacking great lump of wood.


So it turns out while I had been away, Karl had been to visit. We now have a beautiful wood frame in place (Beautiful and well built … as the nightly lump on my head is evidence of) and the canvas of the Cratch should be installed next week.

Since it’s been there James’ and I can be found staring longingly out of the wooden frame at the beautiful live artwork it creates …. to be continued!

James & Kirsty

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