Home Improvements – That’s what Bank Holidays are all about?

The Bank Holiday weekend has prompted nearly 1 in 3 (32%) of homeowners to put DIY on the ‘To Do’ list.

Or at least that’s what Compare the Market had to say about it (Weirdly). But it’s true, four days of dreary weather what are we supposed to do? It’s fair to say that we noticed a considerable difference in the number of boats at the Marina over the weekend, with many off cruising the cut.

We spent a proportion of the weekend away ourselves, unfortunately not with Fantine, but with James’ first stock car race we spent a couple of nights in rainy cold Skegness, and felt that the journey would best be completed on the roads and not the waterways!


With Friday and Saturday spent at the side of a chilly Stock Car Track, and Sunday spent filling up on Easter eggs and roast dinners with friends. I got back to Fantine on Monday morning ready to join forces with the other 32% of the UK and carry out some boat improvements.


So on Monday, with James away with work I got my DIY on!


The first thing I decided to tackle was the bathroom, there was a wallpaper in part of the bathroom with had seen better days, it was starting to peel and bubble, and with there only being a small porthole window the paper did make the room a little dark.

As you can see I used more of my beloved flying ducks wallpaper (Still so much of this roll left!) which we think has made the bathroom much lighter and given it a quick and easy refresh.

Next on my hit list was the bedroom, and here comes a sad Fantine tale. Pete and Maggs who had previously owned Fantine reached out to us and told us all about how Fantine had been when they owned her, including pictures and links to how she had been painted internally.

As the pictures show the wardrobes were painted beautifully and traditionally, but for some reason the owner in between us decided to paint over everything, with the bedroom whitewashed and the  wardrobes painted in some strange seaweed pattern!

We have previously mentioned that we were looking to develop the layout of the wardrobes anyway, Narrow Boat Layout – Our Plans but for the time being we are doing ok with space so these are currently on hold. But I still wanted to improve the look of these for the time that we do have them.

I went with a simple geometric print (Not so simple to calculate and paint! But it keeps the bedroom light and fresh but gives the doors a modern update. I’ve only done one so far (With James away I wanted to check he was happy before I spent four million hours measuring, marking and masking). Whilst it’s no where near as pretty as what was there before we think it’s an improvement for now.

Call me Handy Andy Kirsty & James

2 thoughts on “Home Improvements – That’s what Bank Holidays are all about?

  1. I’m so pleased Fantine has someone to love her, The last owner had no idea about traditional narrow boats. He should have bought a plastic white boat. I will never understand why he ripped her apart. Hope your motion sickness improves. Take care. Pete


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