Land Sick / Sea Sick / Motion Sick – My Plight

“The phrase “mal de débarquement” is French for “Sickness from Disembarkation”. Mal de débarquement syndrome (common name disembarkment syndrome) is a rare neurological condition usually occurring after a cruise or other sustained motion event. MdDS is typically diagnosed when a person reports a persistent swaying, or bobbing feeling (though they’re not necessarily rocking). This usually follows a cruise or other motion experience.”

And I’m suffering some form of it! Whilst at the time of writing I have only spent 3 nights on the boat I have a serious case of being green around the gills. Are you ready for the strange part? I have very little sympton of this when I am actually aboard, no the woozy oh my god why is the ground moving like that comes to me when my feet are on dry land. Therefore I am renaming it Land Sickness.


Whilst I am relatively ok when on the boat it seems that as soon as I stand still on dry land my head cannot cope and shuts down, with me grabbing the nearest object for stability and assuring my feet that the floor isn’t moving.

I’m seriously hoping this is something that will subside over the coming days, as I get more used to this new sensation. Failing that there are only two real options:

  1. Get hideously drunk – Whilst being drunk I am sure the sensation would be barely noticable and the following hangover may assist with my woozy head by balancing it out?
  2. Succumb to the realisation that I am obviously a Swan and therefore a total queen, who is destined for a life aboard the waters swimming round, looking elegant and demanding to be fed. It would be tough, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to take.

Of course the preferred option would be that this subsides soon as I get more used to life on and off the water. In the meantime, I think we can all learn a vital lesson from this, when you see someone stumbling around don’t just assume they are a drunken mess, they could in fact be suffering from land sickness … stop … help them to ground themselves … hug … feed … and take pity on them.

A barely able to make out the letters I have typed, without swaying, Kirsty

4 thoughts on “Land Sick / Sea Sick / Motion Sick – My Plight

  1. Hi, I’m curious, have you discovered any more about disembarkment syndrome? I’m suffering from this, especially at locks… which isn’t good. It’s a bazaar feeling. I’m wondering if there’s a trick I’m missing? Thanks for posting about this. Jen


    1. Hi Jen, Hope you had a lovely long weekend! So sorry to hear you are suffering, it’s absolutely awful. I didn’t find any magic cure I am afraid, I did take Travel Sickness tablets in the first couple of weeks which seemed to ease the Nausea so I would definitely give them a shot. I still suffer when we have spent a prolonged period aboard. Hope you start to feel better soon! Kirsty


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