Narrow Living – Making a life aboard

We covered plenty of times how we were going to have to do a massive sort out in order to move to spending the majority of our time on the boat. A thought which initially terrified me, The constraints of Narrow Boat Living – What are you going to do with all of your things?.

So now we are 90% there, the keys to the rented house have been handed back and we will be going to spending the majority of our time aboard Fantine, with the rest spent back at our parents, or away with work.

So how has it gone? Actually surprisingly well, we have space left and drawers with nothing in them, which sounds odd right? We have managed to fit everything we need into a 57ftx6ft10 space, and still have room left over.

FullSizeRender (2)

In fact when my sister came to visit at the weekend she was shocked by how much we had been able to make it feel like a home, without every surface being covered in the artifacts of day to day life.

Yes we may of cheated slightly, with the necessities for our winter life currently living in storage ready for when we need them. But as it currently stands, space is looking ok.

FullSizeRender (3)

She’s so pretty and I am still so in love! It even turned out that we had enough wardrobe space, so for now the plans to modify this have been put on hold. What’s more we have two happy and snuggly pooches, who despite our concerns are happy with their new space.

James & Kirsty


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