Cratch Covers – Narrow Boat Extension

Whilst we were at Whilton admiring Fantine’s booty we arranged for Karl, from KC Covers to visit us and check out how a Cratch could work for us. We mentioned previously how we were already looking for an extension, with a Cratch Cover, Narrow Boat Extension – Cratch Time.

Before meeting with Karl, we had in our minds that we would have, what we referred to as a ‘Tent Cratch’, one supported by metal poles which was fully collapsible. I liked the idea of being able to remove this entirely should we want to, thankfully Karl being the Cratch expert that he is advised us how this may not be the best option.


So if we had kept with our idea of the Tent Cratch, Cratch life would of been difficult, with poles all over the place preventing us from using the Cratch how we wanted to. Karl was great and explained how a Cratch with hardwood boards (What we had previously seen as very fixed, could infact be removed with one bolt! Which to us sounds even simpler than the Tent system we had previously wanted. This would allow us to use the Cratch in the way we actually wanted to, without having to shrink to borrower size!


So this is the style we have decided to go for, the top will have a nice wide Cratch board, to make the most of the space Fantine has to offer, we will then have a window each side, one zip at the side for entry, and a zip at the front to allow us to open up there as well.

Karl is great! You can tell he really knows his business and is happy to advise you, without being on a hard sell! Our idea of the Tent Cratch would not only of been less pratical but also have cost us more due to the labor involved in creating the frame!

The price for the Cratch came in at around what we were expecting which is great! What’s more Karl is going to include a cover for the side hatch in with the price, whilst this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem at the minute it would be a nice to have, particularly for the winter!

What’s more whilst looking round Karl mentioned that for just a tiny bit extra he would be able to create a cover for the stern doors of the Boat. We’d previously mentioned how this was a bit of a worry area for us, particularly with our bedroom being at the back Narrow Boat Layout – Our Plans, anything we can do to further insulate this is something to sign us up to!


So it would seem that Fantine is getting all new clothes! As she was out of the water Karl was unable to measure up properly, so once she’s back in we will be phoning to arrange the appointment, and following that we should be all Cratched out in only 4 weeks! They say everything  in the boat world travels at 4MPH, tell that to our friend who’s been fighting planning permission for the last 12 months!

James & Kirsty (Smug boat people with a fancy pants boat extension plan) 

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