Narrow Boat Renovation – Day Four

We have already come to the end of the fourth week of us owning Fantine, it’s gone crazily quick, but this weekend we finally started to see the benefits of our work the last few weekends, and she started to feel more like home.

After last week’s work there was very little left for us to do, especially on the painting front (Much to my relief!), so this weekends visit was relatively short, consisting of moving in furniture and patting our selves on the back.

So time for a mini reveal/update, the Instagram worthy beautifully transformed shots are to come, lets treat these as a mini this is how far we have got reveal.

Firstly, kitchen developments, the doors and drawers are now back in place, and are painted a soft of white colour which has given the whole area more light. Please ignore the small parts of wood you can see, the doors and drawers have all swollen, particularly with the wood burner not being on for the 4 months of winter, once these have all been warmed up we will re-assess their fit and sort these out where required.

The work surface still needs to be sanded back and treated with Danish Oil (The joys of wooden work surfaces!!) which is something we plan to do in the next couple of weeks when we get our hands on an electric sander!

Now the living area, before the sofa was huge and placed opposite the stove, we decided to move this to the other side and purchase a new two seater sofa which fits the gap nicely. My re-modelled TV unit (more on this later) is in place and our fold away table and chairs sits at the end opposite the washing machine.

The only thing remaining for the living area is the addition of a bit of furniture (Mainly an arm chair) and the finishing touches (My girly cushions and throws). As mentioned before we are looking to sort out curtains, however there is no major rush for these.


In terms of essential/boat safety work we are only waiting on the stove to be finished, that and the blacking which we chose to have done. The stove is nearly there, the fitting of the back boiler on this has slowed this down a little. However the new stove is a little bit smaller in size than the previous, which is great and gives us lots more space around it!

I’ve been seriously getting into my DIY and upscaling, we have found it quite difficult to find furniture of the right (dolls house) proportions, and when we have it’s been really basic or just not to our taste. From my perspective this has been great cause I’ve been able to get creative with what we can find to make it work for us. Previously I showed you my update to our old hand-me-down DVD rack, this week gone our TV unit got the treatment.

We actually ended up buying the Rast from Ikea, which gives all important drawer space, but is nice and narrow (The perfect porridge for Fantine). As you can see from the picture on the left how it comes leaves a lot to be desired. So I got out the paint brush and wall paper and got upscaling. It’s amazing what a quick lick of paint, and some new handles can do! In honesty it was a really cost effective way to get the look we wanted, with the new handles coming off eBay for just £3.00, a wood donation from James’ Grandpa and the wallpaper and paint we had already purchased.

With all this in place shes starting to feel properly like home, with the plans over the next few weeks to start slowly moving things over to her. We read advice that recommends only moving things as you need them, which is what we are going to try, meaning we only have things we genuinely need taking up the space.

James & Kirsty

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