Narrow Boat Renovation – Day Two

After a fairly successful first day, lathering Fantine’s interior in Salty Peat, we were ready for round two. I use we as the royal we, James was off at Donington Park driving round in continuous circles.



While I was much busier, visiting our beloved Fantine, firstly to ensure she had survived Storm Doris, and secondly to continue the never ending painting mission (slight exaggeration, it’s been two days of painting so far but still!).



Firstly, Fantine survived the full attack of Doris, woohoo everyone relax. So I was able to crack on with painting. Whilst we had made great progress on the first day with the keys, we had oh so wisely decided to save the trickier panels and kitchen units until another day. I say wisely, but can’t help but feel this was a ploy by James, to get him off the hook of doing them! So there I was, sanding until I had no skin remaining on my finger tips, and painting around the stove surround and pipes, where the roller was just that tiny bit too big to fit! Hissss!


But thankfully after my day of tirelessly slaving away we are almost there with the painting! Another couple of coats on the kitchen units, and the tricky panels and the painting should be done. Having sacrificed umpteen finger nails, several clumps of hair, and half of our dog to the painting gods, I hope to not see a paintbrush for several blissful years!

So now we have green glorious green everywhere it should be, and maybe a bit on the dog when it insisted on investigating what I was up to, and cream on the kitchen units, which has lifted them massively. (Please do not be alarmed, whilst my painting may be sloppy the wood is covered with frog tape, which has blended in perfectly with the not so peaty, salty peat paint!).

So later this week it’s time for the dreaded (By James’ at least) trip to Ikea, ahead of the painting and sort out!

James & Kirsty










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