Narrow Boat Renovation – Day One

So as we mentioned in our last blog Narrow Boat Layout – Our Plans the very first day we got the keys, we got busy with the paint brush. 


Whilst it may seem like something rather trivial getting to paint somewhere to our tastes is quite a big thing for us, having always lived in rented accommodation, it’s kind of been a case of going with what was there already. It’s not that what was already on the boat was terrible, the colour just wasn’t us and felt a bit cool.

So we trekked off to our local DIY superstore and started plucking at paint swatches in gay abandon, and eventually settled on the gorgeous emerald tones of Salty Peat. Or at least they were deep emerald until the first coat went on the wall … less deep and warm … more bright and zingy! Cue worried faces all round, thankfully two hours later dried out and plastering on a second coat the colour has started to deepen. So don’t be alarmed, the green has settled from the above! And with the accents and furniture we are planning the green should be much less in your face … trust us.16831046_10211744247978965_8158221497906769902_n

We also removed all of the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers, to take these home with us and prep and paint them (We did warn you were were going mad with the paint). The kitchen layout works just fine for us, but we wanted to freshen it up a little so have decided to paint the units in a light cream to lighten it all up.

Finally I have been getting crafty, trying to bring new life to the pieces of furniture we already have and will be keeping.  And trying to subtly bring in a duck theme …much to James’ dismay. Apologies no before picture on this one! But it was just boring plain wood.

Stay posted for day two with the keys.

James and Kirsty




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