How to buy a Narrow Boat – Angel Number 1 – Whilton Marina

Now that everything is final we thought it was high time we did a write up on all the wonderful people who helped us on the journey to buying our boat.

The Three Angels That Made our Narrow Home Possible (Kind of)

So throughout our posts we let you know we were buying our boat through a Brokerage. That brokerage was Whilton Marina, and honestly they were great. The first time we went they allowed us to take the keys to of many of the boats as we wanted, which paid dividends in helping us to determine what we did and didn’t want. When our lovely Narrow Home found us Jon (Disclaimer: Despite being an Angel he does not resemble any of the above) at Whilton couldn’t do enough to make our dream a reality.

The process with them was super simple, even though we brought through finance which does make things slightly more complex. When we expressed an interest in our boat they talked us through everything.

  • So as we were looking to buy through finance the first step was to secure our loan in principle, to ensure that, should the mighty boat buying gods be with us, we would be able to complete. Keep your eyes peeled for Charlie’s Angel 2!
  • Once this is in place the offering process started and James got his best wheeler dealer on.
  • Woohoo offer accepted now time to  place the deposit.

Now we would like to delve a bit more into this deposit malarkey. Obviously being the sensible grown ups that we are, we did a bit of research into Whilton before going any further with the purchase. Like all mature adults we took to Facebook and looked at their reviews. It seemed a lot of these reviews focused on the deposit negatively, alarm bells right? Well no not really. Of course we can only go on our experience here but the Deposit secures the boat for you, if you then decide to pull out cause actually you can’t stand the colour of the walls then you loose that. Basically if you pull out for any reason, other than a problem in the safety or insurance of the vessel you loose your money. At no time was this not made clear to us. That’s how a deposit should work, in our eyes from the minute that deposit hit their bank account no other living soul was allowed to view our boat with a view to buy her, if we had then decided to pull out, the brokerage and the vendor would have missed all that potential foot fall for the boat and the selling process is only lengthened. As such this seemed completely fair and knowing that we had found our one we proceeded. Back to the step by step guide…

  • Arranging your boat survey, we quickly found who we wanted to use for our survey. Handily Whilton provide you with a list of companies they regularly use. This was booked in for the following week, easy peasy.
  • A couple of very minor items came up on the survey which affected the issuing of the boat safety certificate … cue Angel 1 (Jon) … Whilton then went back to the vendor to advise them of what had come up, and renegotiated the price to reflect the cost of the essential repairs. Meaning that you never pay more than the offer price that is accepted!
  • We then paid the remaining part of our deposit and got our insurance in place.
  • Completion of the final loan documents and then the balance was transferred to Whilton Marina.

Meaning we are now Narrow Home Owners! We still can’t quite believe it. So we are currently waiting on the few final repairs to be made, but the transfer has meant we have time to get aboard and prep for the move aboard.

Writing the steps down like that makes what was in total a 6 week process seem a breeze, which once you get round the paperwork and the realisation that in the canal world, everything proceeds at 4mph, it really is a simple process.

Whilton, and Jon, were truly fab, as buyers go I imagine we weren’t the most straight forward, and my worried nature meant a lot of double checking and undoubtedly daft questions. All of which was met with a smile and a feeling of not being able to do enough to help you.

So if you are interested in boats, want to buy a boat or even don’t want to buy a boat, go and see these guys they’ll sell you an awesome boat, and are super-all-questions-answered-heroes. Thank you Jon and Whilton!

James & Kirsty

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