Location, Location, Location – Our Chosen Marina

Well firstly we would like to apologise for the radio silence over the last week! We’ve been squirreling away with the final steps of purchasing our boat. The excitement is starting to take over now and we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Hurray!

But in the meantime we wanted to, as promised, reveal all on our chosen Marina.

Not to sound like a broken record but to quickly recap we decided that Marina life would be more suitable for us. Whilst the lure of constant cruising can’t be denied, along with the cost savings it provides, our current circumstances make it some what of a logistical nightmare. With full time jobs and busy schedules, worrying about moving our home every two weeks, how far we are from the nearest place to park and where we can pump away our poo is something that just doesn’t seem feasible to us.

So we decided on the quiet comfort of Marina Life. We looked around a lot of Marina’s, and whilst they all had there individual selling points, there was only one which felt immediately like home to us. From the first time we pulled up and approached the office to ask ridiculous questions we were greeted with a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and cakes … on both occasions … big tick for anyone right! Much like the boat we almost feel like the Marina found us, and we knew straight away that it was the one we wanted.


Not only the location was perfect. James works just outside Birmingham and I work just outside Bedford, so the central location of our chosen Marina was spot on, making our journey times to work about equal. Backing onto to beautiful countryside, something we could never be able to afford if buying a traditional house, but something which to us was a dream.

The Marina offers all the comforts you could want, and an active social scene! As mentioned every time we have visited the office has always had a buzz to it, and cakes, did I mention cakes! Our current neighbour is great, he signs for my parcels and says hello when we see him, but with the Marina, it feels like you will really get a community, if that’s what you want from it!


We have put our deposit down for Yelvertoft Marina, just look at it … so pretty! And so long as all goes to plan, we will be making our way their for the beginning of April.


Everyone we have dealt with there so far has been wonderful, people couldn’t be more friendly and happy to help us, and we can’t wait to call this Marina our Narrow Boats home.

Stay posted for hopeful Boat updates from this week! 🙂

Kirsty & James

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