Our Narrowboat developments – What a difference a week makes!

Well you will all be pleased to know we made it back safely! I’m sure you’ve all been worried sick, but I can confirm we are back from a gloriously sunny week in Marrakesh. The weather was great, the place was incredible and despite my worries about the timing, it gave me the space to get away from everything that was going on with the boat and relax.


We tried out a popular travel method … we’re getting used to this 4mph malarkey!

So in our last post before we went away, to Morocco, did I mention it was warm and sunny? (Yeap still not smug at all), we left a few unanswered questions. For the purpose of the blog we can call them cliff hangers. So I know you will all of been on the edge of your seat with anticipation, without further ado I can confirm that yes, I can totally live with Salty Peat walls, green it is.

But on a more serious notes there have been some great developments on the Living Narrow dream. Whilst we were away people have been beavering away to put things in place.

So a little update on all things Narrow:

  • The brokerage company have worked with the vendor to agree that the essential repairs for the Boat Safety and Insurance shall be completed.
  • The repairs have been booked in for the second week in March.
  • Following this being agreed we have secured our spot at our preferred Marina! (Update to follow on this).

So now what?! It’s all a bit terrifying, and I have a feeling whimsically pinning ingenious storage solutions on Pinterest, or watching dog fail videos on YouTube is not an answer that’ll score me any points! So to begin with we need to hand over our deposit, good bye hard earneds, and then the Finance company should hopefully pay through the balance which will make her ours! Our precious boat!


Internally the boat is in good condition! There are just minor cosmetic changes we are looking to make, mainly to tailor things to our tastes, come at us 1.5L of Salty Peat. There is a slightly larger project we are looking at for the bedroom, but worse case this is something which could be taken care of once we are in!

Of course there is also the Boat Licensing and Insurance paperwork to be sorted out, but I’m in the current mind frame of denying it’s existence … did I mention Dog Fail videos? Hours of procrastination.


So all in all a lot can happen in a week and the developments are really exciting, now there’s just the small fact of sorting EVERYTHING out, which tops up my worry levels to bursting, who thought a boat would be a good idea … oh yeah … “I’ve always liked the idea of a house boat” She said. … that would be me! Pass me another dose of dog fails!

Kirsty & James.

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