Winter Getaway – See you in a week!

Well it seems that there are few people out there who are enjoying following our journey to Living Narrow Hurray! So we thought it was only polite and courteous to let you know, (not at all smug), that we are going away for a little while. We didn’t want any of you thinking we were lost in the cloudy canal waters, or behind a barrage of CRT paperwork, when we will in fact be lazing around sunning ourselves.

Your worried expectation vs Reality (Yup not boasting at all)

In honesty we are a little bit worried. I booked the holiday back in August and it seemed like a great idea, why I hear you ask? Let me take a moment to tell you, without gloating one bit … honest:

  1. Getting away in winter is great! Everyone is moaning about having no money, the weather is cold and grey, it’s January … What’s that you’re going on holiday (*All coworkers google minimum jail term for murder*).
  2. I can escape the reality of getting another year older by evading all communication and hiding, in another country, like any adult would. Adios pressure to respond to the ‘Oooooo another year older’ comments on Facebook.
  3. Our jobs make getting away in the summer impossible. James and I both work in motorsport related industries, meaning the summer months we spend most of our time travelling from one circuit to the next, making a winter getaway, when all of the cars are hibernating, much more sensible.
  4. Buying a narrow home wasn’t exactly part of the grand plan back in August.
  5. I hate children, our hope is in January they will all be learning things in school, not knocking over my gin as they bomb into the pool.

So there you have it, five excellent reasons to escape the UK for 7 glorious days. Only you may have noticed from our recent posts that we have a little bit going on here! Quick summary for you all:

  • Just before Christmas we fell in love with a boat.
  • Christmas happened.
  • After Christmas we went back to check we were still in love with said boat, and that the effects of point two would not cause said boat to capsize.
  • Hurray, we still loved the boat and Christmas waistlines were supportable on her.
  • We got our finance agreed in principal for the purchase of the boat.
  • We had an offer accepted on the boat.
  • We handed over lots of money to check that our hopeful home to be wasn’t planning on imminently sinking.
  • Results just received that She’s looking good to float for a few decades yet, with only minor issues to rectify before the Safety Certificate and Insurance can be granted and the purchase can continue.

So safe to say there is a little bit happening in terms of the Living Narrow dream! I’m getting increasingly nervous about everything that is going on purchase wise, including whether I can cope with painting the walls in Salty Peat, not to be confused with the evil sheriff from Toy Story 2.

Salty Peat not Stinky Pete

It’s feeling like escaping to the sun right now could not be at a worse time however being the brave souls we are we shall soldier on. I am feeling the only way to get through the ordeal is to rely on the All Inclusive hotel to ease the pain … Keep the Gin on tap waiter.

See you all in a week or so people!

James & Kirsty

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