What’s an idea without the Dad’s approval!

So as all you lovely readers may have noticed from our last posts, we are hopefully in the process of buying our boat! How terrifying! In fact she is being pulled out of her lovely watery home this week for her full survey, which should verify the fact that she’s not imminently going to sink (Everything crossed people!).

So let’s start at the beginning on 23rd December 2016 we fell in love, with a boat, a beautiful 57ft Traditional Style beauty. Being the mature grown ups that we are we spent a whole … oooo … maybe 2 hours, physically looking at potential narrow homes. We came across her completely by accident, in fact having to hop over her stern to get to the boat we had gone with the intention of viewing (as you may of read in our previous post), but as we did so we both said ooooo what about this one.

We went back to get the keys to her from the brokerage and from the moment I stepped inside I was in love. Granted I am the fickle one of the two, falling in love with inanimate objects (or baby animals) with no encouragement needed, but even James had a feeling about her.

So we left the brokerage me feeling like we had found our home, and James being frustratingly quiet on the matter.

So what does anyone who think they have found their home do! Invite the Dad’s of course!

The brokerage was closed over Christmas which gave us a good amount of cool down time, and time to continue surfing sales site for anything that caught our eye. Weirdly nothing did, as we wrote in our previous blog “You’ll know your narrowboat when you get on her” it seemed what we had been told from the beginning was true in my case, I knew my boat and i wasn’t interested in anything else.

So early doors January 2nd James’ Family came to meet us at the Marina. Personally I was terrified … scared that any of them would find flaws with what was, in my mind, our boat. Equally I was nervous that following the week long Christmas break I just wouldn’t feel the same getting back on her.

Nothing to worry about there, I still felt the same from the moment we spotted her, as we pulled into the marina. Having the whole family on board also helped to put my mind at ease space wise (With James’ Dad, Stepmum, Aunt and Grandma all milling around without feeling squished).

Sooooooooo drum roll please …………


……… No problem! Everyone could see why we loved her, and even after intense scrutiny there was very little in the way of criticism for her!


Boat 1 – 0 Doubts


Following the look round we went back to the brokerage and put the purchasing wheels in motion! The purchase is currently still on going, and once we have more secure development we will definitely update you all, watch this space.




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