“You’ll know your narrowboat when you get on her”

So armed with our list of what is a must on our Narrow home we started to look through the classified ads with a bit of a finer tooth comb. Ending up with a list of boats which were all strong potentials we began to arrange appointments to view them.

So far all of the boats that have appealed to us enough to want to view have been located with brokerage companies, which as novices makes us feel a little more reassured should we look to go ahead and purchase any of them.

When going to view the thing we found the most, was that a lot of photo’s simply do not do these wonderful boats justice, and on the odd occasion, a photo that looks great on the internet simply falls short in person.

The first couple of boats we viewed were the Cruiser style, and as we say had minor cosmetic points you would want to adapt to make it your own. As per this style of vessel the outside space was great, however this did leave things a little tight in the cabin, and we were having to think hard for ways to incorporate the much needed storage for a live aboard vessel.

However at the second brokerage we visited we got to look at a greater variety of boat styles and lengths. On this occasion we were given pretty much free roam with all of the boats, to view whichever we liked.

So what did we find? Well on the whole, the boats you go there to view are often not the ones that grab your attention once you are there! And whilst on our second brokerage visit we went along to view two Cruiser style boats. We ended by looking at a Traditional style 57ft Narrowboat.

As we say originally we didn’t go to the brokers with the intention of viewing this boat, in fact we actually had to hop over it’s stern to get to the boat we had gone to view! But while walking alongside her and hoping over her (Whilst trying to balance sets of precious keys on a slippy and damp December morning) we couldn’t help but want to look more closely.

And boy did she grab our attention. She was the first Traditional style boat we had looked at, and you could really feel the benefit of that extra cabin space. Whilst a lot of the decor was not to our taste everything had been well thought out, and we found ourselves saying how can we add more storage … rather than where can we get any storage in. She had the all important fixed bathroom, in a completely liveable format and style, and the right amount of windows to provide decent light.

Throughout the searching process people in the water ways community have continually told us “You’ll know your boat when you’re on her” well for Kirsty this couldn’t of been more the case, from first stepping aboard she had 100% fallen for this boat. The online pictures simply don’t do her justice, probably the reason we hadn’t considered viewing the boat until the day. Whilst decoratively there were things we would want to change, isn’t that the case, and often the joy of any new home purchase anyway?

Whilst Kirsty would have put down a deposit there and then, me being more practical we have walked away to think about it more, perhaps bring the parents along with us for a second viewing and get their view on the work we would need to do.

James & Kirsty

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