Home is where you float it!

So picking up where we left off! After a long cold day stomping around what felt like every marina in the Midlands, we fell in love with what seems the perfect one to call home. So we went on a second visit, to check we still liked it as much as we remembered and for a more serious chat about mooring.

Entering the marina office near Christmas felt like we had crashed their works Christmas party, with the room full of people, dogs, mince pies and glasses of white wine. We sheepishly apologised for crashing the party, as we had not phoned in advance to check that they were open or to arrange an appointment!

No need to worry our apologies were waved away, and our concerns lifted as we were told this was just an average day, with an added bit of Christmas tinsel. Home made mince pies were quickly placed in front of us as we were encouraged to join in.

The whole narrowboat scene, not just this marina, seem to have such a nice friendly community we have yet to be looked at funnily or not spoken to nicely, even though we are probably asking the most ridiculously obvious questions to them.

So the serious chat came around after a quick natter. We decided that high usage mooring rather than residential would be the most appropriate type for us. Due to our work and family, staying at home every day of the month just doesn’t happen.

High usage mooring means that we need to leave the boat a minimum of 5 days a month and have a registered address (looks like I’m coming home Dad!). This means that we will have no issues with post etc. as we will be living part time back at home.

So here’s the financial bit, we would be looking at around £2,500 a year for mooring at the marina in a 60ft narrowboat (slightly less for sub 50ft bit more for 70ft), the fee can be paid monthly with a deposit much like renting a house.

This fee includes WiFi, water and metered electric to our boat, secure car parking, elsan disposal facilities, a toilet and shower block, laundrette and finally a little Moorers Coffee Lounge with a small library and themed nights of entertainment. This marina could not be more rural, making it perfect for walking our dogs. It ticks a big box for Kirsty who has always longed to be able to walk out of the door onto farm land, this is just a hop over the canal bridge, allowing you to walk through uninterrupted countryside for as far as your feet will take you.

Whilst the marina offers a discount for signing up for multiple years, with us only being 98% sure that this is the perfect location for us we think it best to start on a 1 year contract, to truly get a feel for the place before calling it a forever home. Whats more at our age and with our lifestyle work is very fluid, so not being too fixed allows us the option to adapt should our circumstances change.

Again we are sorry for not revealing our chosen marina just yet, but as we said we don’t want to jinx it, all will be revealed when we are in and floating, which with the way things are moving at the minute could be a lot sooner than either of us thought!

James & Kirsty


One thought on “Home is where you float it!

  1. Hi there, there is a lot of information out there if you know where to look (try canalworld forum) but finding everything out yourself is the best way as everyone’s experience is different. Me and my husband have been liveaboards for four years and if you want to ask anything then I’d be happy to help 😊 good luck, it’s the best thing we ever did. I also have a blog on here if you’re interested in following 😁 meg x


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