“I’ve always liked the idea of a house boat” She said.

And whilst it started as a bit of a joke, after a little bit of thought I had to agree. And so the investigation began into whether or not this could be something that would be a viable option, the one thing we couldn’t help but notice was a gaping hole in the information online of people having done the same as we plan to.rj1

So whilst Kirsty got busy finding images of narrowboat homes designed to perfection on Pinterest, I started to delve into the practicalities and calculations as to whether a life aboard could work for us. Whilst at this time it is looking like something which could work for us there is a still long way to go, I mean I’ve never even been aboard a narrowboat, so living aboard should be a breeze right!?

Based on the poor information we have been able to find we decided to build this blog, to keep you up to date with the progress and the challenges we face in the hope of finding a home aboard a narrowboat.

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